About Rapid Tech Now

Founded in 2003, Rapid Tech Now is a privately held company in Finchley, London. The company originally provided mainframe equipment and became the first to develop proprietary hardware disk arrays and tape arrays for extremely large Unisys sites. Our customers include fortune 500 companies, automotive suppliers, telecommunications, government facilities, universities, internet service providers, health care providers, hospitals and financial institutions.

The company is focused on delivering the best service in the industry. All of Rapid Tech Now repairs and maintenance services are provided by trained hardware engineers. We exist to bring your business the highest level of technological expertise, scalability and customer service. Rapid Tech Now is proud to offer our Sun, HP, IBM and Dell Maintenance Support programs providing the highest level of technical support, and professional customer service. Rapid Tech Now is staffed with top quality technical expertise and engineering capabilities that we offer to our customers at drastically reduced prices.