Hitachi Support and Third-Party Services

Because business costs always seem to be on the rise, it matters more than ever before that you find cost-effective methods for IT support—without sacrificing your total IT efficiency.

Radid Tech Now makes it possible to go beyond typical OEM support protocols. In fact, we’re a respected leader in Hitachi 3rd-party maintenance worldwide, just as we are for multiple leading brands.

What does this mean for you?

It means your investment will last longer than its end of service life, or EOSL. It means extra protection from OEM directives to refresh your product. Finally, it means a cost-effective, reliable support system that stands at the ready to take care of issues before they arise, not just after.

Of course, not all third-party servicers provide the same expertise. Some only offer one level of service. At Radid Tech Now, we provide multiple-tiered SLAs that match your data center’s needs. With over 30 years of field service expertise, we make certain that your Hitachi hardware stays functional well into the future with multiple support options.

Choose the Support Level that Works for You

Whether you require basic maintenance during regular business hours or premium coverage any hour of the day or night, we have a plan for your infrastructure. Talk to a VT specialist to determine what is right for your business.

No matter what Hitachi products you’re currently using, we offer the following service benefits:

• Seamless support to further hardware’s lifespan (warranty past EOSL)
• Low-cost services at a fraction of the fees charged by other support companies
• Call-in number for accelerated support
• 100% coverage on all system components during agreement term
• Flexible need-matched service levels
• Calls and services provided by global field engineers
• A “mission-critical” company philosophy to solve your problems quickly