HP Third Party Support & Maintenance

Rapid Tech Now is a third-party hardware maintenance vendor providing warranty management, end of service life support, first-call services, and other advanced support solutions for HP systems.

By extending the useful life of HP hardware well beyond the end-of-life declaration, we help businesses reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments. Our HP third-party maintenance and support will ensure the quality and reliability of your equipment while meeting your performance requirements and budget.

Our flexible multivendor service provides users and companies with an inexpensive, effective option—to continue using existing technologies. As an alternative solution to purchasing expensive new machines, our third-party maintenance services will help your machines run longer than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) end-of-life date.

Our Third-Party Benefits

• Proactive support maximizing HP systems uptime
• 50% savings compared to the OEM direct
• Enhanced service contract, service incident and IT asset management via VT’s web-based app
• Expert guidance throughout IT asset lifecycles
• Tailored SLAs that allow optimization of response and repair requirements for each IT asset
• Global service availability
• VT-operated service centers worldwide
• Global network of trusted affiliates
• Highly trained, full-time field engineers located worldwide
• Certified OS technical support
• Comprehensive service assurance process