Onsite Hardware Support Service Levels

Rapid Tech Now believes in customized solutions for your IT needs. We offer multiple tiers of third party onsite hardware maintenance and tech support that help you balance budget constraints and necessary features in your service level agreement.

We offer standard service tiers that you can examine below. We also craft customized SLAs for customers that require different service levels for discrete worksites or contracts tailored to your system needs. Look over the tier guidelines below, and contact our support team if you have any questions.

Please note that the below service levels are merely guidelines to provide an overview of what we can offer. Specific service level plan details will vary.

Level 1+

If your system demands maximum availability, our top-tier service provides a 24/7 help desk, as well as onsite hardware maintenance visits within four hours, 365 days a year.

Level 1

For companies that require high availability services, this tier offers a 24-hour help desk Monday through Friday, as well as four-hour onsite hardware support.

Level 2

We present an economical option with this tier. You’ll receive eight-hour help desk services and third party onsite hardware support (with a four-hour response time) on weekdays, excluding holidays.

Level 3

This tier is an affordable option for onsite maintenance of non-mission-critical equipment. We provide next-day on-site support, and you can also call our eight-hour help desk Monday through Friday.

Level 4

Perhaps your systems already have an experienced staff. If so, this tier offers help desk support and replacement parts without onsite services.