Data Center Maintenance That Will Power Your Business

At Rapid Tech Now we offer world-class IT solutions for data centers. Not only do we provide industry-leading technical support and service, but we provide it at a price that fits your budget – that’s the power of Rapid Tech Now, Inc.


Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Managing your information technology across platforms and brands can be a complex task. You are challenged with selecting the right complement of support services to keep pace with your ever changing environment. As part of Rapid Tech Now commitment to help you achieve your business goals, we have created easy to use service solutions for our clients who want to simplify their approach to maintenance service. Our Technicians are prepared to offer technical support for Dell, HP, IBM, and other brands and platforms.


Hardware Life Cycle Management

Decades of experience enables VTI to provide world-class performance optimization services, at the customer’s location or at a VTI technical computing center. Hardware Lifecycle Management (HLM) is the approach of Rapid Tech Now, Inc. , which is proven to lower hardware and maintenance costs, increase upgrade flexibility, extend the useful life, and maximize the value of all of your server, storage and networking hardware. For IT managers, HLM from Rapid Tech Now, Inc. results in lower costs, less headaches, and more control throughout the hardware lifecycle.


Hardware Purchases & Upgrades

Rapid Tech Now is your best source for obscure and hard-to-find systems, upgrades, and replacement parts; resulting in the extension of your hardware’s useful life. Having been in the business since 2003, we have the knowledge, inventory and connections to source almost any system or part that you might require. Extending the useful life of your network means a higher ROI on your current system and less cost on the purchasing side of your business. Keep cash in your business longer. Extend your hardware’s lifecycle with Rapid Tech Now